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KVARTHA is the first Malayalam News Portal of its kind launched in Kerala in 2007 which links our homeland to the world. It has been registered and included in Media list of Government of Kerala under Information & Public Relation department. Kvartha.com has also included in Google News, Dailyhunt, Newspoint apps and many other online  networks.

Our mission is to be in the forefront of pioneering professional journalism that diligently upholds the democratic right to know and actively facilitates discussions for a new world and displays a preferential option for those denied the right to be heard and to participate and to be a voice of voiceless.

At this juncture, we are proud to say that our portal has spread across the entire world specially gulf countries, Europe & USA, which demonstrates our phenomenal growth and reach. Though initially kvartha.com was viewed mainly by NRIs, in the last few years there has been a substantial increase in the viewership within the country along with the enhanced volume of viewership from abroad. To accommodate our growing family, from 2007 onwards kvartha.com has been operating from its centrally located office at Press Club Building, Near New Bus Stand, Kasaragod, Kerala, India- 671121.

The avowed aim of kvartha.com is not to be in direct competition with the established traditional Malayalam news portals which mostly relies on either political or religious backing or its natural biases, but to plough through a new path of journalism wherein we stand for and stand with only TRUTH and objectivity in reporting styles and news presentations. They browse with nostalgic fanaticism and keep this site as their homepage. Searching for news with Malayalam key words in any search engine will provide kvartha.com as one of its first options.

Our weekend edition, brought out on Saturdays along with the broadsheet, gives its readers a wide range of information. It discusses a range of topics that are of interest to common public. Stories are a fine balance between topics and themes of local interest and international relevance.

If a product introduced in market , the producers of the product aims at the sensitive ‘Malayalees’, and of course the movement and progress of the nation was decided by the investments made by NRIs. As such, what to be marketed in Kerala is a matter of global importance.

The home page of our website is a clear indication of our merchandising skills and also the confidence reposed in us by our esteemed advertisers. This confidence has been an instrumental in prompting many corporate brands and companies to exploit our portal for publicizing their companies and products. As satisfied advertisers these companies are renewing their contracts year after year which prove our viability.

To sum up, kvartha.com is the best platform, where Kerala’s decision making global community along with related Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada segments meet together and thus proves an ideal means of effective communication. Come, share with us, your ads at right place, where the world of ‘Malayalees’ anxiously waiting for the news of their home land. Yes, www.kvartha.com  is the first online Malayalam news paper with specialized local, state, national, international, entertainment, sports, business, cinema news.


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