I am not selfless; I can’t be a politician: SRK

New Delhi: After the raging success of his two back-to-back films ‘RA.One’ and ‘Don 2’ in 2011, it can’t be doubted that Shah Rukh Khan still rules in Bollywood. The mega star toured the whole country recently to promote his latest offering and evoked tremendous response from the crowd.

In an exclusive interview with Zeenews.com’s Swati Chaturvedi on her show Kahiye Janab, the King Khan talked at length about politics, Anna Hazare, Lokpal Bill and Bharat Ratna, apart from other things.

Asked about his political associations and plans to join the mainstream politics, the usually cheeky Shah Rukh said, “I have been too long in this profession to change it. Politics is a full time job. For joining politics, one needs to be a professional politician.”

When further probed about ‘professional politician’, the megastar said, “A professional politician has to be selfless. You should be happy with your life so that they can work for people. I am not selfless. Also, I don’t know politics.”

Taking potshots at the journalists who keep on speculating his political leanings, Khan said, “Sometimes journalists asking me that since you have met this or that politician so when are you joining his party. I only say that why don’t you ask the politician. He might also want to join films.”

Replying to a question about Anna Hazare and the Lokpal movement, Shah Rukh said, “This idea of ombudsman is very important for any democratic country. I think we need a bridge between the government and the people. The modalities can be worked out as I don’t think either of the drafts is flawless.”

He further added, “Also, we must understand that this movement is not an uprising. It is good that people are coming out and discussing it. I am not with any political party but I am with the thought that there should be no corruption. I am with the country.”

When asked about the recent inclusion of sportsmen and film stars in list of who can be conferred Bharat Ratna and whether Sachin Tendulkar and Dhyanchand should be bestowed with the prestigious award, Khan said, “Yes! Certainly! In a country bereft of sportsmen, we have some legendry names. Whether we give them Bharat Ratna or not but we should give them the respect that they deserve from the bottom of our hearts.

It should be noted that Shah Rukh is relaxing these days and rejoicing in the success of his latest venture.

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