Pooja Misrra calls Sunny Leone `fake Sati Savitri`

Mumbai: Well we can’t deny that this season’s ‘Bigg Boss’ has been the most controversial one with lots of masala that has entertained many. As ardent followers of the show watch it without giving it a miss, the moral police has time and again raised objection against the morally and sexually deplorable content of the show.
If there is anyone who made the most of the 5th season of the reality show, it’s none but Pooja Misrra, who didn’t get tired requesting people to ‘spare’ her!

After being thrown out of the show for her violent behavior, Pooja made a re-entry into the house along with former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds and by then the lady had learnt that Sunny Leone was an adult film actress.

After entering the house, she suggested Sunny to reveal her porn star status so that people could respect her more for her courage and guts!

And eventually Sunny revealed her profession in public to the co-inmates of the house.

Though Pooja pretended to be a well wisher of Sunny, she did not think too high of her.

Talking to a popular website about what she feels about Sunny, Poooja said, “The lesser said the better. She’s a fake sati savitri. Moreover, I don’t think India is really ready to accommodate an adult actress on a show viewed by families worldwide.”

Is the Indian audience not prepared to accept Sunny or is it you Ms Misrra?

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